What I Learned In Chemistry Class: Orgasm and Beat Your Meat

My junior year Chemistry class was taught by Mrs. Raymond:  a prim and proper older lady who dressed very frumpy.   Mrs. Raymond took Chemistry very seriously.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Raymond had Jimmy Farmer in the class.  Jimmy was on the twenty year program to graduate from high school.  He was forced to take each class at least twice before they would pass him.  That was alright with Jimmy though.  Jimmy believed if he had to take a class twice, at least he would get noticed and stand out.

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Redneck Jew Comes Alive

There was an album that Peter Frampton released when I was in college at the University of Alabama called “Frampton Comes Alive!”  It sold a zillion copies and made an unknown guy very famous.  In fact so famous, you got sick of hearing his songs.  “Show Me the Way” and “Oooh, Baby, I Love Your Way”.    It was a great marketing plan, release a double album (2 albums in one) for the price of one, so everybody bought it.  I think I got my copy at Gaylord’s for $3.79.   I worked one summer at Gaylord’s in the music and camera department, what a great job for a hippie college kid!   There was no Walmart back then, only Gaylord’s and Woolco!   Well,  anyway, Peter Frampton almost gave his album away.  I’m putting my blog out for free and giving away my stories.  I hope some of you can relate to a “kinder gentler time”.  The South was a little slow and it was the beginning of “Hippie era” and “the times, they were a changing!”  I hope you enjoy it!  As they would say then, “Love and Peace”!